Monday, December 6, 2010

My latest craigslist find

So, I bought this a month or two ago, but never managed to take a decent photo till this past week.

The craigslist photo didn't enlarge well:

An antique canopy bed
60+ years old
full size
$50  (!!!)

It's in great condition, and I love the curves and shape of it.
Eventually I'll either paint it white or strip it and stain it a lot darker, but for now I'll leave it as it is.

There's a ceiling fan in our guest room, so the canopy is up in the attic instead of on the bed.

Now I just need to find a mattress set for it, and we'll be ready to entertain guests in style (ie: not on the floor).

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Decorations

I've never done much holiday/seasonal decorating, but I decided to give it a try recently. Being me, I didn't spend much on it. I bought a couple garlands of fall leaves from Michaels (on sale for half off) and a couple pumpkins from JoAnns (also on sale). Nothing too elaborate, but I like it.

For Christmas I put up some fake pine garlands (from wally world) with some twinkle lights we've had for a few years. The square glass box on the left is a project from a Super Saturday activity last year and the stockings are the ones I made last year.  Next year I think I'll get a bit more elaborate, but I like how it looks now.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I've been super busy lately

Yardwork (I think all the leaves have finally fallen- 16 giant bags of leaves later)
Thanksgiving preparations and activities
Furniture building and painting (pics to come soon)
Working on upholstering a chair (pics to come)
Sorting, organizing, and putting away the stuff that keeps piling up in our bedroom (not sure how it happens, but the pile keeps getting bigger, though it's finally taken care of, for now...)
Working on Christmas gifts (pics will come after Christmas)
Planning meal plans for our Christmas visit to our parents'
Planning and packing for our Christmas visit, which also includes Mr S and I going elk hunting- lots more gear involved, and we're flying, so lots of planning needed
Trying to sell our car- we're finally buying our Chevy Avalanche! (anyone want a 2006 CR-V?)